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Bottling Production Machinery

Our Bottling production line equipment covers Bottle Unscrambling Machines (Bottle Unsdramblers, Bottle Sorters, Bottle Orientor), Bottle Rinsing Machines (Bottle Rinsers) / Bottle Washing Machines (Bottle Washers), Bottle Filling Machines (Bottler Fillers), Bottle Capping Machines (Bottle Cappers), Bottle Sealing Machines (Bottle Sealers), Cap Sorting Machines (Cap Sorters, Cap Orienting Machines (Cap Orientor), Bottle Warming Machines etc.

Unscrambler   |    Rinser   |   Filler   |   Capper   |     Sealer

Bottle Filling Machine
Rotary Type Bottle Filling Machines
In-Line Bottle Filling Machines


Cup Packaging Production Machinery

Our Cup Packaging equipment including Cup Rinsing Machines (Cup Rinsers),  Cup Filling Machines (Cup Fillers), Cup Sealing Machines (Cup Sealers), Cup Lid Capping Machines etc. with the applications for food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Tube Packaging Machinery

Bag Packaging Machinery

Our Tube and Bage Packaging equipment including Tube Filling Machines (Tube Fillers), Tube Sealing Machines (Tube Sealers)  for food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



Packaging Machinery applications

BEVERAGE Packaging Industry

Soft drink packaging line: water, juice, yogurt, milk, soybean milk etc.

FOOD Packaging Industry

Seasoning packaging line: cooking oil, edible oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, jam, vinegar, soy sauce etc.

Shaped product packaging line: cookies, biscuit, instant noodle, hardware etc.

HOUSEHOLD Packaging Industry

Household leaner: Dish washer, Liquid detergent, Laundry detergent, Liquid soap etc

CHEMICAL Packaging Industry

Bleach, lubricant, Paint, Hair dye, Anti-freezer, Glass cleaner etc

SNACK  & SWEET Packaging Industry:

Pudding, jelly,  Bong-Bong Ice etc.

PERSONAL CARE Packaging Industry: 

Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion (body lotion, baby lotion), Cream (face cream, facial creams, hand cream, moisturizer cream, day cream), Moisturizers (Face moisturizers, skin moisturizers, gel moisturizers)  etc.


Packing Industry:

Alcohol, Disinfectant, Hand sanitizer etc.



Food & Beverage Production Turnkey equipment and Production Know-How and Technologies

Cup Jelly

Turnkey production line equipment of Cup Jelly 

Bong-Bong Ice

ice stick / tube ice

Turnkey production line equipment of Bong-Bong Ice (Ice Stick)

Mineral Water

Turnkey production line equipment of Bottled Drinking Water and Cup water


Turnkey production line equipment of Bottled juice and Cup juice


Bottling Machines

Bottling Machines (Bottle Unscrambler, Bottle Rinser, Bottle Filler, Bottle Capper, Bottle Sealer etc.)

Cup Packaging Machines

Cup Packaging Machines (Cup Rinser, Cup Filler, Cup Sealer) 

Tube Packaging Machines

Soft Tube Packaging Machines (Tube Filler, Tube Sealer)

Bag Packaging Machines

Bag Packaging Machines (Bag Filler, Bag Sealer) 


Supporting Equipment

Relevant Machines for Packaging Turnkey Line
Auxiliary Equipment for Packaging Turnkey Line
Support Equipment for Packaging Turnkey Line
Peripherals for Packaging Turnkey Line

Related peripheral equipment for Turnkey Production Line for Food, Beverage etc:

EDELSTEIN manufactures and provides complete plant equipment for beverages, food and ice desserts in bottles, cups and tubes, including related peripheral machines. Such as water treatment equipment, sterilization and disinfection equipment, raw material mixing and homogenizing equipment, filtration equipment, raw material, container and product conveying equipment, cooking material, cooling and storage equipment etc.

If you are not sure which type you should select or you need professionally technical consultation, please contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your actual needs. 

“Looking for a Packaging machine”?

Just contact “Edelstein International Co., Ltd.” 

You will find “Nothing we can’t Pack!”

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