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Accumulation Table

Rotary Table

Acuumulation Table

Acuumulation Table

Acuumulation Table

Accumulation Table (rotary table) made by Edelstein to coordinate with related the rinsing, filling, sealing & capping systems as a automaton bottling line or cup productino line to be applied in the field of Beverage, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Beauty and Household products. 

A versatile range of  Accumulation Tables (rotary table) that allow multiple container formats to be carefully collected and feed automatically into the bottle or cup prodcution line .

EDELSTEIN'S Accumulation Table (rotary table) are designed to offer an perfect combination of quality, reliability and precision.

The complete Accumulation Table indcluding:

  • Speed controlled by Inverter 

Applications of the complete range of various type of bottles:

  • Softdrink Bottles
  • Food stuff Bottles
  • Personal care products
  • Hygienic containers

Accumulation Turntable

Rotary Table Bottle Unscrambler: 

A Rotary Table Bottle Unscrambler, also known as a Rotary Accumulation Table, is a bottle sorting and orientation machine that uses a rotating table to create controlled bottle flow and alignment. Unlike a Rotary Disc Bottle Unscrambler, it doesn't have pockets or cavities on the disc. Instead, the bottles are guided and positioned by mechanical or pneumatic means during the unscrambling process.


  • Bottle Loading: Bottles are initially loaded onto the rotary table manually or via an automated system.
  • Rotary Table: The rotary table consists of a circular platform with raised edges to prevent bottles from falling off.
  • Rotation: The table rotates continuously or intermittently, creating a controlled movement of bottles.
  • Bottle Separation: Mechanical or pneumatic guides are positioned around the table to separate and align the bottles as they rotate.
  • Orientation: As the bottles move along the rotary table, mechanical or pneumatic devices adjust their position to achieve the desired orientation.
  • Bottle Discharge: Once the bottles are properly oriented, they are released from the table and transferred to the downstream packaging line.


  • Simplicity: Rotary Table Bottle Unscramblers have a straightforward design with fewer moving parts, making them easy to operate and maintain.
  • Flexibility: They can handle various bottle sizes and shapes without the need for specialized pockets or cavities.
  • Cost-Effective: Rotary Table Bottle Unscramblers are typically more affordable compared to other bottle unscrambler types.


  • Lower Speed: The unscrambling speed of Rotary Table Bottle Unscramblers may be slower compared to unscramblers with dedicated pockets or cavities.
  • Manual Loading: Some models require manual loading of bottles onto the rotary table, which can impact productivity.

Orientation Concept:In a Rotary Table Bottle Unscrambler, the rotary table serves as a platform for controlled bottle movement. The bottles are guided and separated by mechanical or pneumatic means as they rotate on the table. The orientation is achieved through the precise positioning of guides or devices that adjust the bottle's position during rotation. Once properly oriented, the bottles are discharged from the table for further processing.

Please note that the specific features and capabilities of Rotary Table Bottle Unscramblers may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. It's recommended to consult the equipment specifications and technical documentation for a more detailed understanding of a particular machine.

Why is the bottle accumulation table used for bottling line?

If the production speed requirement is not high, a low-speed bottle unscrambler can be choosed to use, and if the production speed requirement is much lower, or the bottle volume is too high and the shape is very special, another method will be adopted to simply collect the finished product The product bottle, that is the bottle accumulation table.
Regarding the use of the bottle accumulation table, this is because before the bottled production process, a slightly larger number of bottles needs to be placed in batches before the empty bottles can be placed on the bottle conveyor belt in a faster manner, so that the bottle accumulation table can automatically guide the empty bottles into the conveyor belt in sequence, and then into the bottle production equipment, such as bottle washing, filling and capping machines. Instead of matching the straight-line conveying characteristics of the conveyor belt, the bottles are manually placed on the conveyor belt one by one. Similarly, the produced product bottles can also be temporarily placed on the bottle accumulation table as a buffer during the production process. The function of this kind of collection turntable is to prevent the production line from producing too many finished products in a short period of time, so that the production line is faster at one station and slower at the next station, or the production speed of the next station is slow, or human However, it cannot be ruled out that the finished products accumulate at the exit of the production machine, resulting in the temporary suspension of production because the products are full of products on the production line and cannot be digested.

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Home > Bottling > Accumulation

Home > Sorting > Bottle Sorting > Accumulation Table

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