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Cyclone Bottle Water Rinser

Vertical Rotating Wheel type Bottle Water Washing Machine

Cyclone Bottle Water Rinser

Cyclone Bottle Water Rinser

Cyclone Bottle Water Rinser

Cyclone Bottle Water Rinser 

Edelstein's Cyclone type Bottle Water Rinser for bottle cleaning (bottle rinser) is a trusted  machine in the food and beverage industry. The Cyclone type rinsing machine is designed with transmision of linear conveyor and accumunate table to meet the effectively rinsing bottles, glasses, and various containers etc. with the use of clean filtered water for more sanitary application. This machine with high-speed bottle cleaning ability is designed to rinse, clean all kinds of jars, bottles. It is especially suitable as a high value drinks bottle rinser like wine bottle, birdnest jar, beer bottle, water glass bottle, juice bottle, tea bottle, coffee bottle, refreshing drinks, herb drinks etc. It can work as an overall multi-bottle rinsing machine.

Regarding the cleaning process of this Cyclone type bottle rinsing machine, The bottles are fed into the working area by means of transmisssion conveyor and guide chute on the accumulate table and are gripped by a clamping station at vertical rotating wheel, rotated 180 degrees during rotating. The clean filted water will spray out from the rinnsing nozzles in to inside of the upside-down bottle to clean the inner wall of containers. Meanwhile the water flows out from the bottle. After rotating some degrees while the bottles are clean completely, the clamping jaw station will be rotated 180 degress again with opposite direction to let the bottles at the original status which the bottle stand on the discarge transmission conveyor. 

Then the containers can drip off or the loosened particles can fall out. The containers are then turned back and transferred to a downstream transport system.

Cyclone type Bottle Water Rinser 

Are you interested in seraching more Informations about the comprehensive models of rinser?

We offer different bottle washing systems, rotary, in-line type and cyclone type with different speed requirement and combined with different applications such as air washing, continuous washing, multi-step washing requirements adopted in the field of Beverage, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Beauty and Household products. 

Home > Rinsing Bottle Rinser > Bottle Water Rinser > Cyclone Bottle Water Rinser

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