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Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

Rotary Type Bottle Piston Filling Machine

Rotary Type Bottle Piston Filler

Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

Rotary Bottle Piston Filler 

EDELSTEIN Piston Filler is manufactured with a heavy duty 304 stainless steel. 

Features PLC controls and touch screen HMI panel with user friendly operation interface. 

The Piston filling machine is ideal applied the use for filling thick liquids (medium or high viscosity, like paste, jam, honey etc.) with consistent viscosity. 

The Piston filler is capable of accommodating up to 32 filing nozzles (filling heads).

Our Piston Fillers are applied on the industries of food, beverage, household, cleaning, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.


Extensive combination of models

Handles all types of rigid containers

Filling volume range from 50ml up to 2 litres  (larger volume available)

Motorized Volume Adjustment

User friendly

Rapid changeover time

No tools required for changeover (“No Tools” Change Parts)

High precision filling

Contact parts made of 304/316 Stainless Steel

Capable to be Integrated with other equipment 

Various cylinder capacity for different applications

Dripless filling nozzles with quick change design

Inverter Drive Systems (for rotary turrets and conveyor) with speed adjustment

Machinery Full Guarding complies with CE regulations

Handle free flowing liquid, paste or slurry like Baby Food , Milk Products, Fruit Juices, Chemical Products, Anti-freeze and much more.

More amazing features and options are available.

Customization for you special demands. 

Piston filling system for Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

Rotary Bottle Piston Filler with integrated capping system

Rotary Bottle Piston Filler with cap sorter and cap supplying conveyor

Cam structure of piston type filling system of Rotary Bottle Piston Filler


The ED-FRP piston filler, made by EDELSTEIN, is specially designed for viscous liquid with high filling accuracy.The machine is manufactured with a 304 stainless steel frame and is capable of supporting 12- 32 fill heads on rotary type. PLC controls, touch screen HMI, food grade contact parts, stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction.If is widely applied in the field of Food, Beverage, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Beauty and Household products such as:

Beverage& Food:

juice (with fruit pulp), sticky sauces,paste, salsas, salad dressings, seasoning, flavoring, yoghurt, gels, condiment,mayonnaise, ketchup, jam, marmalade, honey, oil, vinegar, soy sauce etc.


cosmetic creams, conditioners, puree, grease,detergent, bleaching agents, shampoo, lotion, rinse, hair dye, wax, lubricants etc.


Up to 20,000bottles per hour depending on the

different filled products and bottles. Theoutput

capacity is adjustable from 250 ml up to2000 ml.

Model                              Max. (bph)

ED-FRP12                    4500                        

ED-FRP16                    5500

ED-FRP18                    6000

ED-FRP24                   8000

ED-FRP32                    12000

ED-FRP40                    15000

Other model isavailable upon request


Product level control

No Container - No Fill System (No Bottle-No Fill)

Motorized Height Adjustment

Scraper to maintain product mix

Storage Tank (Filling Tank) Level Probe

Temperature keeping for storage tank with insulation

Modulated speed control with integration all transmission mechanism

Servo-adjustment of filled volume with digital read-out and setting function

Operation and Performance monitoring with diagnosis 

Filling liquid  temperature compensation for storage tank (with temperature probe)

Powered head height lifting adjustment

Powered adjustment of filling volume with digital read-out

Quick release change parts

Bottom fill function available on select models (consult factory)

Others available upon request

More amazing features and options are available.

Customization for you special demands.

Monobloc Piston Filler-Capper

Piston type filling and capping system for deformed detergent bottle application up to 9000 bottles per minute. This mono-block units bottle unscrambler , fill and cap up to 9000 bottles per minute. Unscrambler adjustable for a variety of container size.

Rotary Type Piston Filler, Ketchup filling machine

High Speed Rotary Type Filler for viscosity product like Ketchup, Mayonnesa, jam etc.  

Bottling Line for Detergent in Oval shape plastic bottle 

To meet the demand of the viscous liquids in rigid containers,  EDELSTEIN's rotary filler with the customized designed rotary piston filling system can be primary considered to apply. Our rotary piston filling machine can be manufactured with 12 to 32 filling stations (filling nozzles). The filling system is mechanical cam structure as standard. All machines come with machine warranty with proven reliability.

As with servo-driven piston fillers (normally for in-line type piston fillers), rotary type piston filler adapts the mechanical-CAM liquid filling structure allowing for better accurate control over filling both speeds and volumes. Moreover, the advantage of the robust and rigid mechanical rotary filling machine with CAM driven filling system offer higher power applied to drive the piston stroke. That will be better to achieve easily rapid work of filling high viscosity liquids.

For filling supper viscous or paste-like liquids (ex. chocolate sauce, butter, dressings, peanut butter etc.) our rotary mechanical CAM Rotary piston filling machine can play a key role and make a difference. EDELSTEIN’s mechanical CAM piston filling system is capable to apply powerful push-pull force for filling pistons to get high speeds to keeping consistently at  high viscous goods. 

Comparing with standard in-line pneumatic piston fillers, EDELSTEIN'S rotary CAM driving piston filler offers improved accuracy.  The mechanical CAM driving piston filling system does not depend on any auxiliary compressed air pressure to drive the filling mechanism. The performance of filling accuracy will be more stable during continuously long-turned work.

Product Showroom:




The piston stroke length plays an important role in determining the desired filling accuracy for a cam type rotary piston filler. The piston stroke length is the distance the piston travels during each filling cycle, and it determines the volume of the product that is dispensed into the container. The longer the piston stroke length, the more volume of product will be dispensed. Therefore, if the piston stroke length is too long, it may result in overfilling and inaccurate filling volume, which may cause product waste, production downtime, and customer dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, if the piston stroke length is too short, the volume of the product dispensed may not meet the desired filling volume, resulting in underfilling and inaccurate filling volume. This can also cause production downtime, product waste, and customer dissatisfaction.

Therefore, the selection of the appropriate piston stroke length is critical to achieving the desired filling accuracy. The piston stroke length should be optimized to provide accurate filling while maintaining a high production speed. This requires careful consideration of various factors, such as the product viscosity, the container size and shape, and the desired filling accuracy. By choosing the appropriate piston stroke length for the specific application, the cam type rotary piston filler can achieve the desired filling accuracy and improve overall production efficiency.

The travel distance of the piston can be adjustable for the rotary cam piston filler, and this can help to avoid overfilling or underfilling issues. However, if the piston stroke length is too long, it can still lead to accuracy problems, even if the travel distance is adjustable.

As the piston stroke length increases, the filling accuracy can be compromised, especially if the filling stations are relatively few. This is because the longer piston stroke can result in a greater variation in the filling volume between the adjacent pistons. If the filling volume variation exceeds the desired accuracy range, it can cause product waste and customer dissatisfaction.

Therefore, while the travel distance of the piston can be adjusted for the rotary cam piston filler, it is still important to select an appropriate piston stroke length that balances the desired filling accuracy and the production speed. The selection of the appropriate piston stroke length should consider various factors, including the product viscosity, container size and shape, desired filling accuracy, and production speed. By optimizing the piston stroke length, the cam type rotary piston filler can achieve the desired filling accuracy while maintaining a high production speed.

HOME > Filling > Bottle Filler > Rotary Bottle Filler > Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

HOME > Filling > Piston Filler Bottle Piston Filler > Rotary Bottle Piston Filler

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