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Rotary Type Monoblock Bottle Filling-Capping Machines

Rotary Type Monoblock Bottle Filling-Capping Machines for Soda Water

Rotary Type Monoblock Bottle Filling-Capping Machines for Juice

Rotary Type Monoblock Bottle Filling-Capping Machines for Soft Drink

Rotary Type Monoblock Bottle Filling-Capping Machines for Drinking Water

Filling System Types:

- Equal Level Filling
- Gravity  Filling
- Overflow  Filling
- Vacuum  Filling
- Piston  Filling
- Isobaric Filling

Capping System Types:

- Screw Capping (Chuck Capper)
- Non-Screw Capping (Snap Capper)
- ROPP (Aluminum Screw) Capping
- Crron Capping

- Stainless steel construction
- High resistance to corrosion
- High hygiene and sanitation
- Easy cleaning and maintenance
- Operation friendly with HMI (Human Machinery Interface touch-in screen)
- Accuracy automatically control with PLC to meet high operation performance
- Easy adjustment for changing different sizes without need of special change parts
- Constantly high screwing strength in any working conditions

The above mentioned technical data offers an approximate description of the machine.

The technical features and the machine configuration are to be confirmed at the time of order.

Model Variation

Monobloc Piston Filler-Screw Capper

Monobloc Piston Filler-Pressing Capper

Monobloc Overflow Filler- Screw Capper

Monobloc Overflow Filler- Pressing Capper

Rotary Bottle Filler-Capper

Model: ED-FRDC30+8

Monoblock Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine 

30 Fillers+8 Cappers

Equal-level filling type

Screw Capping (Plastic Thread Screw)

Rotary Bottle Filler-Capper 

Model: ED-FRDC12+1

Monoblock Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine

12 Fillers+1 Cappers

Equal-level filling type

12 filling nozzles

Screw Capping (Plastic Thread Screw)

1 capping head

Monobloc Piston Filler-Capper

Model: ED-FRPC18+6

Monoblock Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine

Piston Filling System with 18 Filling Nozzles

Snap Non-Screw Capping System for Flip Cap with 6 Capping Plunger (Capping Head) 

Piston type filling and capping system for deformed detergent bottle application up to 9000 bottles per minute. This mono-block units bottle unscrambler , fill and cap up to 9000 bottles per minute. Unscrambler adjustable for a variety of container size.

Rotary Tyep Monobloc Piston Filler-Non-Thread Capper

Rotary Type  Monobloc Piston Filler-Non-Screw Capper

Rotary Type Monobloc Eequal Level Filler-Aluminum Foil Sealer

Rotary Type Monobloc Overflow Filler-Crown Capper

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