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Fresh Milk PET Bottling Line

PET Bottle Filling Line for Milk : Accumulate Rotary Table + In-Line Bottle Sanitary Filler + In-Line Bottle Spindle Screw Capper

PET Bottle Filling Line for Milk : Accumulate Rotary Table + In-Line Bottle Sanitary Filler + In-Line Bottle Spindle Screw Capper

Plastic Bottle Filling Line for Milk :  In-Line Bottle Spindle Screw Capper

Plastic Bottle Filling Line for Milk : Accumulate Rotary Table + In-Line Bottle Sanitary Filler

 In-Line Bottle Sanitary Filler

Bottling Milk: In-line Spindle Capper

In-Line Bottle Filling and Capping Line for PET Bottled Fresh Milk

- Bottled Milk Bottling Line
- In-line Bottle sanitary filling
- In-line Spindle (Roller) Capping Machine
- Rotary centrifugal cap sorter with orientation
- Accumulation Turn Tables for empty bottle Feed-in and finished products collection
- HMI friendly operation touch-in screen
- PLC full intelligent control

EDELSTEIN Precision and Purity: The PET Bottle Milk Filling Line


In the realm of dairy, ensuring both precision in packaging and the purity of the product is paramount. The PET Bottle Milk Filling Line is a testament to precision and efficiency in milk packaging. Designed to cater to 300ml PET round bottles and 500ml PET square bottles, this production line incorporates a series of specialized machines, each with unique features and functions. Join us as we delve into the equipment that powers this innovative production line, ensuring your milk products meet the highest industry standards.

Key elements of filling line for milk in PET Bottle

Low Productivity:  Production outputs: 1,500-3000 BPH for 1L Bottle

Medium Productivity Models: Production outputs: 6,000-7,000 BPH of 1L Bottle 

High Productivity Models:  Production outputs :10,000 – 12,000 BPH of 1L:

System of empty bottles feeding: Air Feeding Conveyer
Bottle Rinsing: Ozone solution
Cap Rinsing: UV treatment
Labeling: OPP, Self-Adhesive , or Sleeve Shrinking
Group packaging: Shrink wrapping or Carton packer (optional)
Palletizer: (optional)

Essential Equipment in the PET Bottle Milk Filling Line

1. Bottle Accumulation and Unscrambling: Streamlining the Process

At the beginning of the PET Bottle Milk Filling Line is the Bottle Unscrambler with the funtions of Bottle Accumulation and Bottle Unscrambling. This Unscrambling Machine efficiently collected and organizes and aligns the incoming bottles, preparing them for the subsequent stages of the milk bottling process. It streamlines the production, ensuring a steady flow of bottles.

2. In-line 8 Head Sanitary Filling Machine: Precision in Filling

The In-line 8 Head  Filling Machine is at the heart of the milk bottling process. It combines efficiency with precision, ensuring that each PET bottle is filled with the precise amount of milk. The  guarantees consistency, minimizing wastage, and ensuring uniform filling.

3. In-Line Spindle (4-Rollers) Bottle Screw Capping Machine: Securing Freshness

After filling, it's crucial to seal the bottles securely to maintain freshness and purity. The In-Line Spindle Bottle Screw Capping Machine effectively secures the milk bottles. Using a 4-Rollers mechanism, each bottle is securely capped, ready for the next step in the process.

4. Shrinking Labeling Machine: The Finishing Touch

To add the finishing touch to the milk bottles, the Shrinking Labeling Machine comes into play. This machine accurately applies labels to the bottles, providing essential product information and enhancing the visual appeal of your milk products. It ensures a professional, branded look for each bottle.

5. Group Packaging Machine: Efficient Packaging

The final phase of the milk bottling process is efficient packaging. The Group Packaging Machine streamlines this process, organizing the milk bottles into bundles or packs suitable for distribution. It ensures that your milk products are ready for delivery to retailers or consumers.

Features and Functions

Efficiency and Consistency: The PET Bottle Milk Filling Line operates with utmost efficiency, ensuring consistent and precise milk filling for every bottle.

Hygienic Filling:  The filling machine guarantees that each bottle is filled hygienically, minimizing contamination risks and maintaining product purity.

Security and Freshness: The screw capping machine ensures that each bottle is securely sealed, preserving the freshness and quality of the milk.

Versatility in Bottle Shapes and Sizes: The production line caters to a range of PET bottle sizes and shapes, from 300ml round bottles to 500ml square bottles, offering versatility to meet market demands.

Branding and Product Appeal: The Shrinking Labeling Machine adds essential branding and product information, enhancing the visual appeal and consumer communication of your milk products.

Efficient Packaging: The Group Packaging Machine optimizes the packaging process, ensuring your milk products are distribution-ready efficiently.


The PET Bottle Milk Filling Line is a testament to precision and efficiency in milk packaging. From bottle accumulation to precise filling, secure capping, labeling, and efficient packaging, each piece of equipment plays a vital role in crafting the perfect milk product.

As you embark on your journey in the dairy industry, this production line ensures that your products meet and exceed industry standards. With versatility in bottle sizes, precision in filling and capping, and the added touch of branding and efficient packaging, you're poised to make a mark in the world of milk products.

Invest in the PET Bottle Milk Filling Line, and let excellence flow from your production line to the hands of your consumers, one perfect bottle at a time.

Our Bottling production line equipment (Bottling Line Machines)  covers Bottle Unscrambling Machines, Bottle Rinsing Machines, Bottle Filling Machines, Bottle Capping Machines, Bottle Aluminum Foil Sealing Machines, Cap Sorting Machines, Bottle Warming Machines. 

If you are not sure which type you should or you need professionally technical consultation, please contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your actual needs. 

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