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Cup Multi-lane Filler 

model: ED-MLC-201P

Pre-form foil application

for large cup 

(cup mouth Dia. larger than 50mm)

Overview of machine

Multi-Lane Cup Filler-Sealer 

model: ED-MLC-201P

  • Pre-form foil
  • for liquid material

Cup (containers) loading system

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finished product discharge system


cup water, cup juice

cup jelly, pudding

cup youghurt

cup coffee, cup tee etc.


  • EDELSTEIN MLC series cup filler-sealer is for high production fabrication of food products packed in the disposable cup. 
  • Suitable for automatic operation and high productivity. 
  • Friendly operation 
  • Stainless steel design of main machinery frame and cover to meet food standard 
  • All stainless steel construction of fluid path component to avoid corrosion problem 
  • Heat treated aluminum cup carrier molds to increase hardness for durable life 
  • Cup magazine and auto cup loading device 
  • Foil magazine and auto foil loading device 
  • Auto washing device for cup carrier molds and conveyor 
  • Adjustable temperature controlled sealing for firmness assurance 
  • Continuous and manual control functions for various applications
  • Dripping reservoir 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Easy to integrate into relevant turnkey line.


  • Date coder (for roll foil) 
  • External safety guard 
  • Outfeed conveyer 
  • Final product feed-out collector 
  • Top cover pick-place-press system 
  • Vibrating Hopper feeder for dry (solid) material 
  • Additional dry (solid) material filling function (powder, chip, granule etc.) 
  • Cup rinsing system 
  • Air spray cleaning device 
  • Ozone rinsing 
  • Dust free filling chamber (HEPA) 
  • No cup-No fill function 
  • PLC control 
  • Touch-In Screen

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Various machine models are available for selection:

Multi-Lane Cup Filling-Sealing Machine 

model: ED-MLC-201R

  • Rolled foil
  • for large cup (cup mouth Dia. larger than 50mm)

Multi-Lane Cup Filling-Sealing Machine 

model: ED-MLC-202R

  • Rolled foil
  • for small cup (cup mouth Dia. smaller than 50mm)

Multi-Lane Cup Filling-Sealing Machine 

model: ED-MLC-201P

  • Pre-form foil
  • for large cup (cup mouth Dia. larger than 50mm)

Multi-Lane Cup Filling-Sealing Machine 

model: ED-MLC-202P

  • Pre-form foil
  • for small cup (cup mouth Dia. smaller than 50mm)

HOME > Machines > Cup Packaging > Cup Multi-Lane > ED-MLC-201P

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