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Rotary Cup Filling Machine

model: RCR-L

Overview of machine

Cup Rotary type Filler-Sealer RCR-L

  • Rolled foil
  • for liquid material

Filling Nozzle

Rolled-foil sealing

Auto cup loading

Plastic cup, tray, jar
Paper cup, tray

Liquid filling: 

  • piston filling, 
  • pump filling, 
  • time gravity filling 
  • overflow filling 

Filling goods

Liquid: Suitable for disposable cups for mineral water, juice, tea, milk, coffee, lemonade, edible oils etc.


Finished product discharge


Lid place

  • EDELSTEIN RC series cup filler-sealer is for medium production demend fabrication of food products 
  • Space saving 
  • Friendly operation 
  • Rotary movment driven with timing cam mechanism 
  • Stainless steel design of main machinery frame and cover to meet food standard 
  • All stainless steel construction of fluid path component to avoid corrosion problem 
  • Heat treated aluminum cup carrier molds to increase hardness for durable life 
  • Cup magazine and auto cup loading device 
  • Foil magazine and auto foil loading device 
  • Adjustable temperature controlled sealing for firmness assurance


  • No Cup No Fill function (The filling and sealing will not perform automatically in case of lacking cups.) 
  • PLC control 
  • Touch-In Screen 
  • Date coder (for roll foil) 
  • External splash guard 
  • Outfeed conveyer 
  • Collection table 
  • Top cover pick-place-press system

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