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Time Gravity Filler

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Unveiling Precision in Packaging: 

Time-Gravity Filling Machines for Varied Container Applications

In the landscape of modern manufacturing and packaging, precision and adaptability reign supreme. Time-gravity filling machines stand as a testament to this ideology, offering precise liquid fillingsolutions across a spectrum of container types. In this article, we explore thediverse features, functionalities, advantages, operational intricacies, andbroad applications of time-gravity filling machines in various industries.

Features of Time-Gravity Filling Machines:

Versatile Container Compatibility: Thesemachines are designed to fill a diverse array of containers, including bottles,pails, jars, cups, trays, tubs, and more. They adapt effortlessly to varyingshapes and sizes, making them suitable for different packaging needs.

Gravity-Based Accuracy: Time-gravityfilling machines utilize the force of gravity to ensure precise liquid fills.By timing the flow of liquid through pneumatically operated valves, consistentfills are achieved across each container.

Customizable Options: These machines offercustomization in terms of fill volume and speed, allowing adjustment tospecific production requirements. Quick changeover capabilities enable seamlesstransitions between different containers and liquid types.

Functions and Advantages:

Reliable Filling Mechanism: Operating onthe principle of gravity, these machines dispense liquid accurately, minimizingproduct waste and maximizing efficiency.

Cost-Effective Precision: The accuracy oftime-gravity filling machines significantly reduces product giveaway, leadingto cost savings over time.

Adaptability to Varying Viscosities: Theyeffectively handle a wide range of liquids, from thin to highly viscous, makingthem versatile across different industries.

Operational Workflow:

Setup and Configuration: Operatorsconfigure the machine according to the specific container and liquid type beingfilled.

Gravity-Based Filling: The liquid is pumpedinto a holding tank above pneumatically operated valves. Timing mechanismscontrol the valve openings, allowing precise amounts of liquid to flow into containersby gravity.

Quality Assurance: Each container's filllevel is monitored and checked for accuracy, ensuring consistency and qualityacross the packaging line.

Applications across Industries:

Beverage Industry: Filling bottles and cupswith juices, water, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Food Industry: Packaging sauces, dressings,oils, and condiments into jars, tubs, or bottles.

Chemical Industry: Filling pails orcontainers with various chemical solutions, solvents, and cleaning agents.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Accurate dosing ofmedications into bottles or vials.


Time-gravity filling machines stand as atestament to precision and adaptability in liquid packaging. Their ability toaccommodate various container types and liquids makes them indispensable acrossdiverse industries. As an economical and reliable solution for precise fills,these machines continue to shape the future of liquid packaging across themanufacturing landscape.

Time Gravity Filling System

Time Gravity Filling System

Time Gravity Filling System

Time Gravity Filler

The Time Gravity Filling machine, made by EDELSTEIN, is timed flow volumetric filling machine and is ideal for filling liquids with low or medium viscosity. The fillers are made under the sanitary and accurate process and suitable for filling good flow liquid or light foamy products as well. Volumetric fillers are most ideal for filling light liquid at higher speeds.

The machine is manufactured with a 304stainless steel frame in in-line type or SS41 frame with anti-rust grinding,welding and powder coating covered in 2 mm T of SS304 sheet and is capable ofsupporting 2-12 or 12-50 fill heads on in-line model or  rotary model. PLC controls, touch screen HMI,food grade contact parts, stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction.If is widely applied in the field of Food, Beverage, Chemicals, and Cosmeticproducts.

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