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Cup In-line Sealer 

model: ED-ILC-204-S

In-Line Cup Sealer (Linear Cup Sealing Machines):


  • Airtight Sealing: In-Line Cup Sealers ensure airtight and tamper-evident sealing, preserving product freshness and quality.
  • Rapid Sealing: These machines boast swift sealing processes, maintaining pace with high-speed production lines.
  • Compatibility: In-Line Cup Sealers are compatible with various sealing materials including aluminum foil and heat-sealable films.


  • Sealing Process: The In-Line Cup Sealer utilizes heat and pressure to seal cups with precision, guaranteeing product safety and integrity.
  • Tamper-Evident Seals: The sealing process ensures that the packaging remains intact and tamper-evident until opened by the consumer.


  • Freshness Preservation: The airtight seals produced by In-Line Cup Sealers extend the shelf life of the products, enhancing their freshness and taste.
  • Brand Integrity: Tamper-evident seals instill consumer confidence, reinforcing the integrity of the brand and its commitment to quality.

Linear Type Cup Sealer, Tray Sealer

Linear Type Cup Sealer, Tray Sealer

Linear Type Cup Sealer, Tray Sealer

Linear Type Cup Sealer, Tray Sealer

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HOME > Machines > Cup Packaging > Cup In-Line > ED-ILC-204-S

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