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Turnkey Cup Pudding Production Line Equipment

EDELSTEIN is the professional turnkey equipment manufacturer in Taiwan to offer the total solution of the production machines and the production know-how, recipes and installation technical support of wiring, piping and trial production.

We offer the Turnkey equipment of Cup Pudding Production Line including Cup Filling-Sealing Machine (Semi-auto Table-top Cup Filling Sealing Machine, Rotary type Cup Filling Sealing Machine, In-Line Cup Filling Sealing Machine, Multi-lane Cup Filling Sealing Machine), Drying Machine, Sterilizing Cooler,  Material Cooker (Jacketed Steam Kettles) and Storage tank etc.

Turnkey Cup Pudding Production Line Equipment

Rotary cup filling-sealing machine for pudding, roll foil, exterior lid foe 500 ml size. 

Multi-lane model cup filling-Sealing Machine for larger capacity is available.  

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