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Bottle Water Rinsers


The rotary washing machine adopts a linear conveyor belt and star wheel transmission design, and uses clean filtered water to effectively wash bottles, glasses, various containers, etc. This machine has high-speed bottle washing capabilities and is specially suitable for washing production lines that require high hygiene standards, such as beer bottles, bird's nest bottles, and various tea beverages.


Washing machines produced by EDELSTEIN are recognized as trustworthy machines in the food and beverage industry. The linear washing machine we manufacture adopts a linear conveyor belt drive design, which can effectively wash bottles, glass and various containers. This machine has high-speed bottle washing capabilities and is specially designed for rinsing and cleaning various cans and bottles. It is especially suitable as a rinser for high-value beverages such as wine bottles, bird's nest bottles, beer bottles, water glass bottles, juice bottles, tea bottles, coffee bottles, refreshing drinks, vanilla drinks, etc. It can be used as a whole multi-bottle rinser.


The cleaning process of the cyclone bottle washing machine is sent to the work area through the conveyor belt and the guide groove on the accumulate table, and is clamped by the clamping station on the vertical rotating wheel, which rotates 180 degrees during the rotation process. Clean filtered water is sprayed from the flushing nozzle into the inside of the inverted bottle, which can successfully clean the inner wall of the container and remove dust and pollutants that may remain in the bottle.


The Semi-Auto Bottle Water Rinser produced by EDELSTEIN adopts a high-standard stainless steel structure, which is corrosion-resistant and suitable for production that requires high-standard sanitary conditions. In addition, the simple and lightweight design of this machine is also convenient for you to clean and maintain.


Are you interested in seraching more Informations about the comprehensive models of rinsers?

We offer different bottle washing systems, rotary or in-line type with different speed requirement and combined with different applications such as air washing, continuous washing, multi-step washing requirements adopted in the field of Beverage, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Beauty and Household products. 

If you are not sure which type you should select or you need professionally technical consultation, please contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your actual needs. 

Home > Rinsing Bottle Rinser > Bottle Water Rinser

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